What is root shadowing?

If you wanted a slight change in the color of your hair and are not ready for extreme changes, we would recommend the so-called "Root shadowing". WITHis it root shadowing?
Root shadowing is a hair dyeing technique in which a darker color is applied to the root with a soft transition to a lighter one.
A great technique to refresh your existing look and give your color depth and dimension.
Root shadowing is most commonly encountered in combination with the creation of balayage techniques, strands ... blonde shades, but we can actually use it with all hair colors.
This is a universal trend. Brunettes can go in a deeper, darker tone, redheads into a richer and deeper red and even dark brown.
Even those with pastel tones can do root shadowing with more vibrant darker tones. Why would you choose root shadowing?
If you are not ready to set aside time and money every couple of weeks to go to the hairdresser this is a great solution for you.
By applying a darker shade to the root and a slight soft transition to lighter at the length and the tips, we achieve that our natural outgrowth is not noticeable as quickly as if we applied an immediately lighter color to the root giving the hair a more natural appearance.
If you use shampoos and conditioners without sulfate at home, the effect should last 6-7 weeks. In a word ... if you're thinking ... our answer is YES :)!