The difference between demi and semi hair dye

When you think about hair coloring semi-permanent hair dyes you are probably wondering what is the difference between demi-semi-permanent and semi-durable color?
So let's clarify; both do not permanently alter the natural pigment of our hair (no pigmentation occurs) which means that after rinsing, our hair retains its natural tone. However, what's the difference?

Demi-permanent hair dyes they have oxidative pigments, direct pigments and a minimum amount of ammonia or MEA, and nourishing ingredients. They are mixed with a developer of less than 3% or 10 vol. To prevent the oxidation (brightening) of natural pigments. Overgrowth will be minimally visible during flushing and no unwanted warm tones will occur. The hair will look fuller and shinier and the color will be airy and vibrant. With demi colors we can not lighten the hair but stay at the same pitch and change the reflex (PVT 5 is applied eg 5G). Refresh the existing color on the length (for example, we apply 5N length with 6N, one tone lighter). Shade or make blending gray hair (eg if natural hair is PVT 5 we apply 5A to reduce the difference between white, gray and natural hair). Neutralize unwanted warm undertones after decoration or lightening with permanent colors. Demi-permanent colors linger on hair for 12-24 days depending on the porosity of the hair, as well as hair washing and care products.

On the other hand, semi-permanent hair dyes they have already oxidized direct pigments and nourishing ingredients in their composition. They are applied directly to the hair without mixing with the developer. Most often they come in the form of foam, gel, cream, conditioner and can be in liquid form. Today they are very popular in the so-called. crazy colors shades. Usually 6-12 washings are maintained on the hair depending on the current condition of the hair. When applied to healthy, intact hair, they are most commonly used as a color conditioner to maintain dyed hair (vibrant red and orange tones) and are flushed as soon as they are first washed. 6-8 washings are retained on medium-porous and damaged hair. Care should be exercised when applying them to very porous (decolorized) hair, as they may stain if the length of the hair is not equally porous and luminous and may not be removable. Intense shine is achieved when using semi-permanent colors due to the larger molecules remaining on the hair surface.
Our advice is to always consult your hairdresser before deciding on using demi or semi colors.