Hair care after dyeing

Hair coloring at home is the choice of many people who want to save on bills. To cover lightly gray hair or just freshen up, some want to use just a small amount of hair dye out of the box and save the rest for later. If left unchecked, storing color can result in a series of hair disasters, such as damaged hair or hair that is incorrectly dyed or color that can create blemishes. On the other hand, if you have already invested precious henna in your hair coloring, a few weeks later, if you have blond hair, you will have accentuated yellowish tones, or if your hair is dyed vibrant, it will start to look flushed.

In both cases, unfortunately, colored hair has many enemies, whether it's the wrong shampoos, chlorine, exposure to heat using irons or curlers, or just the sun. Fortunately, there are special care products for colored hair to make it look shiny, vibrant and simply in good condition.

By repeated rinsing, each color tends to release its pigments, resulting in a change in the original chromatic line. Cotril Color Care is a specific line to protect and maintain vital and long-lasting color, from wash to wash.