Caramel shades

As we enter the new year, we often think about refreshing our look. And yes .. we don't have to do anything drastic. If you want to keep the length of your hair and are not ready for extreme changes it will be enough to visit your hairstylist and opt for small changes in hair color.
Well-colored hair can wipe off for 5-10 years and refresh your face. But what is the nuance that fits almost every path?
Caramel shades ... perfect for any occasion, soften facial features and give volume to hair.
If you want the perfect shade of blue as a compromise between light and dark blue caramel is the perfect choice.
It will need to refresh the washed straw yellow or lifeless gray brown.
Even celebrities like Natalie Potrma, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Albe and Jennifer Lopez love this hair color.
It is the perfect shade for all women who want to stay or become blonde and yet do not want to spend too much time maintaining their hair color because it is a shade that is much less washed out than other shades.
If you are a brunette and want to try lighter tones our recommendation is still caramel.
Namely, the darkening of the shades results in the appearance of unwanted pigments, which will neutralize the shades of caramel and soften the face with fine tones.
Caramel shades are the perfect choice for long and semi-long hair with layered hair.
If you wear a shorter bob, with sharp lines and short hairstyles, caramel is not the best choice because its warm shades will not come to light.