Everybody with curly hair has heard "How beautiful your hair is" at least once in their lives. Yes, it's a compliment but having a "good hair day" with curly hair is a lot harder than it looks. The good news is that we will share with you some very simple tricks to make your curls shiny and healthy.

1. Always comb your hair from the tips up
By combing the hair from the tips, you can gently comb the knots because if they started from the top, they would just stack the knots on top of one another and make combing more difficult. Always use Leave's products when combing.

2. Sew the tops regularly
The cracked tops never look good, on the contrary the hair looks very messy and "frizzy". If you want neat curls visit your hairdresser every 6-8 weeks.

3. Product cocktail
By mixing 2 or more products, we create the perfect product for a particular type of curl. Eg. smoothing serum plus curl definition cream. In this way we achieve firmness without leaving hair dry and stiff.

4. Always use a wide comb instead of a brush
Naturally curly hair is the most sensitive and brittle type of hair. Using a wide comb is the gentlest way to comb without compromising its integrity.

5. Always use extra care
There are products available on the market for curly hair to moisturize and nourish it without further complication. After washing, brush your hair gently and just squeeze it with a towel without rubbing it to allow the curls to return to their natural shape. Apply styling products and dry your hair with a diffuser to avoid scattering.

6. If you dye your hair
We recommend multidimensional dyeing techniques to make your hair look as natural as possible and emphasize the definition of curls.