Hair combs

Each hairdresser has their favorite selection of professional brushes and combs. After all, along with hairdressing scissors, a hair comb can make the difference between a good haircut and a great haircut!

How To Choose The Right Comb For Haircut

There is no comb-for-all when it comes to the best hair brush. As most hairdressers and stylists already know, different combs are needed to fit different types of hair. Similarly, different types of combs get different types of finishes, so making a good choice that will suit any client who walks through the door is essential.

For example, thick or curly hair may create too much tension on the comb with fine teeth, so it will need wider teeth than for a straight-haired client.

Similarly, a fine-tooth comb helps create a sharper, defined line, while a wider tooth comb is better for a softer look.

Either way, you need to make sure that you have a high-quality comb that slides through your hair without curling up or causing any other discomfort to the client while giving you the grip you need.

Denman or 3ME professional hair combs

Denman or 3ME have a fantastic selection of hair combs. Believing that one size fits all, each one is expertly designed to meet specific needs - be it haircuts, combs or shapes. They are all made of high quality heat resistant material with needles for easy handling.