Balayage staining technique

For a long time, one of the most popular and sought after services in hair salons is balayage. But what exactly is Balayage, when it was created, to whom it is intended, and what its benefits are are common questions.

Balayage was created in the 90s as a technique of free hair styling for the purpose of achieving sun-shining hair. The word balayage comes from the French word "balayer" meaning places or brush. In free translation, "place or paint" your hair. Just like using makeup techniques, we can contour the face and highlight certain parts or cover up imperfections, the balayage technique can highlight and highlight certain parts of the face and give a fresher look.

Balayage techniques are used on bob hair lengths and longer. The perfect technique for freshening all hair tones from dark brown to ultra blonde crazy tones. If you want to be inspired by how balayage should look as natural as possible, it is enough to look at the hair of the children and give them lighter and darker tones. One of the biggest advantages of balayage techniques is that the client does not have to come on a monthly basis, which is a very important time for a busy life today. It is always recommended for women who want to wear blond shades and are not ready to go to the hairdresser every twenty days.

Therefore, if you are thinking of balayag, feel free to fulfill your wish and take a walk in one of the most popular hairdressing trends.