Scheduler for opening a hair salon

Remodeling a salon can be easy if you have a plan. We have decided to help you make the opening timely. We have created a Salon Planner for you. Follow the instructions below, keep track of dates, and take on completed tasks, and Salon Planner will be the best guide to guarantee the smoothness of project performance, as it will always remind you of the things you miss most.


• Select a location

Location is important, but good locations cost (rent or buy), so it's worthwhile to write down the key location attributes of a new salon, and sort that list in order of priority. The size of the space, the availability of parking, the proximity of the city center and public transportation are all important, but highlighting the ones that are more decisive than the ones you prefer will better allow you to best choose the space according to your budget.

• Find out what the location brings

The location you find makes certain rules and regulations. Whether the space is part of a residential property or in a shopping center means you need to stick with them. Find out what they are so you don't have to do something and you were counting on it.

• Start planning

How to get the most out of space, what all the services in the salon can offer and how Salon Premium can help you there. To get started, make a detailed business plan that must include a financing plan, as well as revenue and growth projections. This plan should define your job and will be a valuable tool to consult with architects and contractors should you hire them. As part of your plan, you need to decide what type of services you would like your salon to offer. Make a list of the services you want to offer and a list of additional benefits; shiatsu massage chief, or just relax version, special space for relaxing treatments, manicures, beauty services, coffee maker, minibar, full-screen LCD TV, free Wi-Fi, etc. Also take care of some others details, whether you want to separate the technical from the styling jobs or how much space you want to use for the waiting room.

• Space design

The look of the salon is everything and everyone knows it already. We recommend that you use salon design professionals to make the most of it. Interior designers will help you create a blueprint that has all the elements you need, and it will also help you avoid missing out on some quarrels, which is often the case when doing interior design yourself. Interior designers working with Salon Premium will listen carefully to you and create a computer floor plan with practical furniture and equipment positions that allow customers to move easily around the salon.


• Installation check:

Once you've found the location, start checking your space for installation. Will gas, plumbing, electrical, drainage, boiler, etc. be adequate for your short and long term plans?

• Find contractors:

Check out their references and whether they are registered as a legal entity. Who will perform the works? Installation of laminate, ceramics, painting walls, joinery, knauf, etc.

• Branding planning:

Branding and what to do: logo, website, business cards, brochures, etc. Write a brief description of your imagined visual identity and what your target audience is. This will later help the designers to creatively create a visualization of the salon and your overall image-And. Remember that creating your visual identity requires creative time, so keep an eye out for time.


• Equipment suppliers:

Find suppliers to purchase equipment such as phones, computers, alarms, coffee machines, water heaters, etc. You do not want to have a complicated computer system or a small water heater.

â ˘ Branding:

Now that you have a finalized salon concept somewhere, it's time to start working on your own image-in. Use a brief description of your imagined visual identity, the one you made in the 4th month before it opened, to discuss with designers about logo design, brochure design, loyalty card design, vouchers and the like.

• Prepare your web or Facebook / Instagram page:

Decide what type of website you want exactly: standard, interactive and / or webshop. Also, you must register the domain of a website, for example Try something simple that will be easy to remember.

• Choose and order salon furniture and equipment:

Use your new visual identity and salon concept (layout) created by designers and choose hairdressing furniture and equipment. Premium Salon can help you find the most appropriate furniture and accessories that will fit your new visual identity, floor plan and budget from our vast range. Once you have selected the furniture and equipment, colors and materials can be made 3D projection of the salon, because we still have enough time.


• Start looking for staff:

Start at 8 weeks at the latest with your staff search, as you have to count the time you have to spend interviewing and checking the practical experience of new staff.

Good places to find new staff are:

• Labor market web portals
• Advertisements in newspapers and specialized magazines for hairdressers and beauticians
• Ask among your colleagues
• Social networks (facebook or instagram)

• Choose products for service and retail:

Browse which products are offered for service and retail and choose the ones that will best suit your salon. Salon Premium offers you products from well-known international brands such as Parlux, Babyliss PRO, tondeo, FreeLimix, 3ME, Kyo, Cotril, Denman and other high value products such as disposable towels or strands, etc. With our expert advice, we can help you choose the best purchase option to get the most out of your budget.


• Start promotion:

Make posters to showcase your salon as it is being decorated, announcing its near-opening. They are not expensive to make, and using quality images and a description of your services will create the interest of passers by.

• Plan an opening strategy:

Opening a salon is the most important event, so make sure you take advantage of its potential. Consider special offers for the entire first month after the salon opens. Introduce your salon to businesses, nightclubs and bars, ie those around you. Plan local advertising, guerilla marketing, etc. Make invitations.

• Create promo materials:

Order business cards, price lists, brochures and any other promo materials you will need on opening day.

• Plan an opening:

Opening a salon is the best way to announce your new salon and get the necessary publicity. The goal is not to create an opening party, but to use that time to promote it. Remember to invite your key customers, local business representatives, bars, etc. If you know a celebrity, take the opportunity to come. Choose an opening day, but one that the salon is certainly ready for. For the opening get, eat, drink, glasses, preferably waiters, design the fun part, prepare invitations, guest list (for later check in), flower decorations, balloons, etc. Book a professional photographer as you will use these pictures later for the website , promotions in newspapers or magazines or on social channels.

• Training:

Make sure you understand everything about your new computer business program, how to handle alarms, the entertainment system (music line), but also know all about the products you will use when providing service and retail.


• Post the opening

Post an ad to a magazine or via facebook / Intagram channels and send invitations to existing clients. Include in your invitations your new logo and a description of the services that will be on your price list.

• Order accessories:

Make a list hairdresser accessories such as sponges, hair clips, clips, sheets, towels, brushes, scissors, etc. This will prevent you from forgetting something.


• Checking

Make sure you have everything in place before the inspection comes to inspect the premises. Do you have enough fire extinguishers, first aid, attestations and everything else you need. If you have a retailer, call an inspection service that defines the minimum technical requirements beforehand and find out first-hand what you need to get the required permit to get started.


• Make an appointment with staff

Gather your orientation interview staff for the first five weeks of opening to keep everything flowing. So, the way of selling the products in retail, then the schedule of duties in the salon, the hodogram from receiving the client to the salon to their discharge.

• Shelves: Unpack product boxes and stack them on shelves.
• Buy magazines

Go to the store and buy the latest issues of the magazine and don't forget the champagne for opening day.


• Clean the salon well to have a fresh appearance.
• Get beautiful, fresh flowers in colors that will suit the new space.


Enjoy. It took a long time and effort to get here. Make sure you talk to as many guests as your business has just begun počeo.