Popular financing for hairdressing equipment

It is no longer necessary to spend all your saved money to buy new hairdressing, cosmetic or wellness equipment, but also accessories!

From now on you can easily rent a hairdresser, cosmetic or wellness equipment; hairdressing chairs, pedicure chairs, headgear, air conditioners, sterilizers, hair dryers, hand dryers, irons, hair clippers, curlers..for 12 to 60 months. The minimum value of equipment / accessories is 5.000,00 with VAT and is obtained by summing all the devices or equipment in one account.


  • Bookkeeping is treated as a 100% expense and not a liability.
  • You do not reduce the liquidity and credit standing of your business or trades and do not impair your credit rating.
  • No funding participation, (0% participation).
  • Fixed rent in HRK (excluding currency clauses, etc.)
  • No change in financing conditions, no currency clause, fixed in HRK.
  • It is not necessary to contract an insurance policy.
  • The cost of processing the request is free of charge up to HRK 43.750,00!
  • You pick up the goods immediately (unless you have to order them separately, such as headgear, chairs, etc. according to the conditions on offer)


Simply! Credit rating documentation is not required for companies (doo or jdoo), only if you are a craftsman then we only need 3 documents.
An authorized person only with the company seal and only with his / her ID card chooses the equipment or accessories he / she wants to rent and that's it! The financing decision is made within the same day for up to HRK 187.500,00. When financing is approved, an operating lease is signed (no notarization is required) and you pick up the accessories / equipment immediately or when delivery is agreed in accordance with the terms of the offer.

Don't tie your valuable savings into equipment - invest in business development!


  • Putting a credit rating into the function of money. Let the money work for you.
  • Don't have enough money to fund the whole project? Financing part through leasing and part through own funds. Equip the salon as you wish.
  • Without burdening the balance sheet and keeping fixed assets.
  • Excluding financing costs up to HRK 43.750,00.
  • No currency clause. Fixed contract installment (rent).
  • Low redemption value or re-lease option after the first contract expires.