Indispensable tips from interior designers

When you step into a hair salon, you step into the space and time you have dedicated to yourself, which is a luxury in this hectic time.

From the moment you enter until you are out again, the combination of functionally designed space, superior equipment and service achieves the desired goal.

The very style of landscaping, always accompanied by high aesthetic conditions, is not enough to realize this plan. Style stems from the desire of the investor, but always aligns with what the space is in itself.

The first prerequisite is a well-designed and proportioned floor plan that addresses a range of functional units that include reception, seating, dressing rooms, workplaces, headgear and all the additional features that transform hair salons into small spa oases. By no means must be neglected the lighting that is necessary for the job well done but also creates an atmosphere depending on need.

The second, equally important prerequisite, is the choice of equipment that not only follows the design arrangement but must be ergonomically perfectly comfortable with innovative solutions. It is important to note that the equipment should be careful because different designs (breathability or pronounced geometry) can greatly affect the end result. Today, the equipment is no longer uniformed and expected, but one can find top-quality pieces, some of which are signed by big design names such as Marcel Wanders and Karim Rashid. Salonpremium in its large offer has everything you need to meet a small aesthetic and functional criteria.

You just have to let yourself into capable hands and the pleasure can begin.