How to Choose Hairdressing Equipment |

When you are looking for special designs of hairdressing or cosmetic equipment then our recommendation is Gamma & Bross, the world leader in the design and production of furniture according to special specifications. Gamma & Bross products are designed by the world's most talented designers, including Marcel Wanders, Karim Rashid, FA Porsche, Fendi Casa and Gamma Design Lab, and an internal design team.

Modern and young design, functionality and quality with affordable prices can be an inspiration. In this case, our recommendation is Karisma. Details make the difference, and this is the main guiding force of the Karisma brand, which ensures that sewing, materials and joints achieve a high level of product durability in the hair salon. These results are achieved through:
Upholstery Knowledge: Production guarantees the perfection of detail.
MATERIALS: Charisma selects the best, examines materials and fits them perfectly to give hairdressing furniture high standards of quality.
DETAILS: Nothing else comes. Charisma checks every finish precisely because great products start with details.
FUNCTIONALITIES: Appearance is important, but Karisma does not forget that the products are instruments in the hair salon. Comfort, strength, and high quality are its hallmarks, as they should be.

With one foot in the past and one in the future is what makes Takara Belomont different .. the way it looks, how it is handled and how it feels. Timeless classics and modern technology that go hand in hand. Takara Belmont has become a worldwide symbol of barber shops, something like Harley Davidson for motorcyclists. A combination of timeless style, traditional features and unparalleled quality, giving salons striking style and superb performance through the decades.