KYO colors with no ammonia and ppd

A special combination of natural ingredients provides a rich, creamy, high-performance gel texture. The special formula guarantees maximum results with minimal use of alkaline ingredients, improves shine and color intensity and guarantees optimal coverage of gray hair without damaging the scalp.

Kyo hair dye is extremely successful in covering gray hairs. To successfully cover gray hairs, it is necessary to mix the selected shade from .00 palette of the same basic color in an amount equal to a percentage of the height of gray hair. For example, if the percentage of gray hairs is 25%, 1/4 of the selected shade from the .00 palette is added to the mixture.

When covering gray hair, pay attention to the percentage of gray hairs and their structure. For optimum overlay results up to pitch 6, use 20 Vol. developer, and from pitch 6 to 10 use 30 Vol. developer. Action time 35-45 minutes.

If you want to tone hair that is not dyed, use shades at the same height and one tone lower or more than the natural pitch. So, for example, if the pitch is 6, use the tones at pitch 5, 6, or 7. Using developer 3.5 Vol. at a ratio of 1: 2. When refreshing a pre-existing shade, select one tone lighter than the color applied to the root or the length using 3.5 Vol. in a 1: 2 ratio.

To achieve color vibrancy with copper shades, add gold tones, and add red tones to get them deep. Note that when refreshing copper and red tones at length, always use the 3.5 Vol.

When using shades from the Superbleaching palette, pay attention to the pitch, hair structure and length of the outgrowth. Mix the colors in a 1: 2 ratio by applying them in a thick layer. Action time 50-60 min using 30 or 40 Vol. Developer bioactivator.