Hair detox

New from KYO Labs, a line inspired by biologically active ingredients. KYONOIR, a cleansing and remineralizing treatment for daily scalp and hair restoration.

The secret to treatment is in bamboo charcoal, known since the Ming Dynasty as a "black diamond", and has been an essential and fundamental element in traditional medicine and skin care rituals.

With the addition of black cumin as a final element in the range of biologically active substances, it restores energy, hydration and beauty to the hair.

COAL AND WATER as a regenerating synergy for hair. It all starts with water. Each treatment we perform on our hair depends on the type and quality of the water. Water that is rich in chlorophenols, iodine, heavy metals, inevitably affects the outcome and result of applying the best cosmetics, reducing the action and effectiveness of the active ingredients.

Due to its highly porous structure, activated carbon, when in contact with water, acts as a filter and absorbs all harmful substances. As a result, purified water will not alter the effectiveness of the cosmetic product and the active ingredients will be capable of acting.

KYONOIR products, thanks to the presence of bamboo charcoal, are able to neutralize not only skin and hair impurities, but also those in water, favoring the activation of the ingredients and adequate restoration of the scalp and hair.