Choose wisely, choose original!

Perfect curls in just a few minutes? A flawless hairstyle without going to a hair salon? Yes, it is possible, and the solution is called Miracurl. It is an ingenious little appliance, a total hit among hairdressers worldwide and, in the opinion of many, the best hairdressing product in the last 15 years.
Miracurl is a lightweight appliance: simply put your hair in it, the strand automatically wraps around the inside of the curl where the heated chamber is and it only takes eight seconds to get the perfect result - the flawless curls you always wanted to have. Well, beware! As with all great things, numerous fake copies of the Miracurl curler have appeared on the market. The real, professional, quality and effective Miracurl is the only one from Babyliss PRO, and in Croatia you can exclusively buy it at the Salon Premium shop in Zagreb at Zavrtnica 17 and in Split, Tršćanska 33A or through the Salon Premium webshop.